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Target Style / Style on a budget – Day 4

Hello fashionistas, here is my last Target post for the moment although there will be many more. I wish I could post things a lot quicker! These are a cute comfy pair of shorts I bought at Target once again while coming for something else. I wore it with the bathing suit top from my prior post since it was a beach & BBQ kind of day. I see styles at target that I see elsewhere so I think they are trying as best as they can to keep up with the current trends.






– – –

What I wore:

Shorts: same design, different outline  similar, same brand

Top: similar or similar Target

Bathing suit top / Bracelet: see previous post

Sandals: Birkenstock or similar Target version

Bag: Hare + Hart, on sale


Target Style / Style on a Budget – Day 3

Romper Time. I love jumpsuits. The shorts and the pants kind. I wore this one on what started out to be an overcast day in San Diego. The sun came out though and it warmed up rather quickly. Quite common for the beach. This romper I’m wearing is from Target! I always get sucked into the buying things other than what I came for. But I do love the Target debit card. You save 5% on all purchases, all you have to do is link your bank account with a routing number.


I brought a denim cover up in case it got cold.


Ta-ta for now. I’m off to play in my onesie.

– – –

What I wore:

Romper: Target

Sandals: Aldo (old), similar: Aldo 1| Aldo 2Vince Camuto | Louise et cie

Hat: Norstrom: Option 1|Option 2

Bag: Goyard, similar: Faux tote (white)|  Tory Burch (new ivory)

Denim shirt: Top Shop



Target Style / Style on a Budget – Day 2

Today’s look is easy breezy, simple to just throw on and go. I love this as a day look or even if hanging around the beach areas.

I wear this crop top with anything, skinny jeans, skirts, shorts…


These birkenstocks are also my favorite. I wear them with any and every outfit, so comfy and easy to slip on.

 Au Revoir!

Photography by my loving boyfriend

– – –

What I wore:

Crop Top: Target

Skirt: sold out quick at Target 🙁 but here are similar ones there: A | B| C | or same skirt plus size: D

Sandals: Birkenstock

Bag: Prada, similar: Budget: Dolce Girl faux (in black), Moderate: A | B

Bracelet: A | B (in chocolate brown like mine)

Hat: A | B


Target Style / Style on a Budget – Day 1

Hi fashion lovers & friends,

Today’s post is about style on a budget. It’s short and sweet but I’ll be posting a few different looks consistently over the next few days that are budget conscious. Fashion has nothing to do with a price tag. If we are talking quality, intricate details and nice fabric, that sometimes can be a different story when it comes to items we purchase, but you don’t have to spend a lot to look good.

Day 1:

Mission Beach, San Diego. Where you can find me most weekends.

I’m sure you’ve noticed I don’t match. With swim suits, I usually like to interchange my tops and bottoms or buy separates. This is also a push up bathing suit top, which I don’t usually do, but I liked this one and the nautical look to it.

Since the season is about to change you can take advantage of swimsuit sales everywhere. It’s still 80-90 degrees in Los Angeles and San Diego and it doesn’t seem to be cooling down any time soon. Regardless we still always have our beach weather days. I will be doing a lot of beachy posts since I live at the beach half the time.

Time to relax with a good read.

Photography by my loving boyfriend

– – –

What I wore:

Bathing suit top: Target

Bottoms: similar or matching

Beach rug: Ralphs or Albertson’s, only around $10 or similar: A   B  or  C

Book: The Motivation Manifesto – Uplifting, motivating book that helps you get rid self-doubt and & fear, recognize your power and directs you towards the meaningful & fulfilling life that you ultimately desire.

Bracelet: similar