Comfy Jeans

There are lots of jean brand faves I have at the moment. But I wanted to share these ones with you. I’ve been wearing this brand for quite some time.


The stiletto Jean by Current Elliott. It is quite flattering on the figure and they are very comfortable. I like that they don’t go down all the way to the bottom of the ankle so you can have more emphasis on the shoe.



img_7972 img_7975


Although this color isn’t available anymore they come in a wide range of colors like this beautiful mulberry color and also this rich army green color for fall. Click on the desired color you want to see the price, as they vary. I’m also in love with the “light grey destroy and the ‘army green destroy” I have also found a few other colors that are a little less costly and some that are on sale (listed below)

Photography by Tommy Cuellar

– – –

What I wore:

Jeans: Current Elliott,  Options in: white, white with holesdistressed jean, midday destroy, doubledutch

Top: similar

Shoes: My fave adidas

Sunglasses: Le Spec



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