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Espresso Profeta.

This next post is a continuation of the last, but I thought I would separate it because as I told you in my “about moi” section, my blog is going to be about food as well. Although this post is more about coffee, not food. Tomato Tomahto.

Profeta Cappuccino.

I love this little coffee shop in Westwood, Los Angeles. Espresso Profeta. It’s so cute with its brick walls and red and white tables, looks very European. Which makes sense because it is an Italian coffee shop. LOL. Their cappuccino’s are my favorite. Delicious and perfectly made each time. The baristas add cute little designs on top of the coffee (as do a few other trendy spots in LA) but I still get excited like its the first time. Inside on the walls are paintings by local artisans available for purchase. On the outside there is a little patio enclosure that is surrounded by lots of greenery, trees and leaves, reminds me of a little secret garden. Very relaxing to go out there and sip some coffee along with good company and conversation. 🙂 In this pic I am sitting street front. You can see a glimpse of the green enclosed patio behind me in this picture. Much more green in the summer I must say, but still pretty.


Thom Chris Photography 

Espresso Profeta.

1129 Glendon Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 208-3375


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