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Midi Skirt Style

I love when fashion repeats itself. That’s what fashion is, right? Many new trends are just recycled old trends. It keeps things new and interesting.  It’s fun to see what it was like to be a woman from a different time period and wear what she wore. This day and age fashion has repeated itself so many times you can pretty much wear anything and be ok. I love that because I like fashion from all decades. I like morphing into someone new. It is a form of creativity and a way of expressing yourself.

If you live in a place like New York, Paris, Milan or Los Angeles you could walk out in a potato sack and it would be considered fashion. People tend to express themselves more freely. That is why I love looking at blogs and sites where people do just that. See The Sartorialist, for example. I used to spend hours looking at this site before I had my blog. I still glance at it from time to time but now with Instagram there are so many fashion photographers around the world that I follow.

Introducing… The midi skirt.


This trend has been popular for years now, although you don’t see many wearing them. In fashion blogs, yes, but they are not common walking down the street. I believe this is because people don’t know how to wear them or don’t think they can pull them off. This skirt was prevalent in the 1940’s and attempted to make a reappearance in the 1970’s but didn’t work because people were just getting into mini skirts.


With the midi, it’s best to wear a form fitting or tucked in top since the bottom half flows. If not, then you should cynch your waist with a belt. Or.. you can do both if you are Olivia Palermo. 🙂 It should be higher up on the waist and fall between the knee and the start of your ankle. If you are on the shorter side, I would stick to one that is right at or just below the knee, not too much longer. If you are tall, any length will do!


I think an open toed shoe or pointy heel would look best although you can also pull off high boots, flats and a low  or high booties.


How would you style it?

Moriah Yex Photography  Unknown

What I wore:

Top: Audrey 3+1, similar $$ or $$$ or bodysuit option

Skirt: Express, similar here and here

Heels: Zara, similar $ or $$

Target Style / Style on a budget – Day 4

Hello fashionistas, here is my last Target post for the moment although there will be many more. I wish I could post things a lot quicker! These are a cute comfy pair of shorts I bought at Target once again while coming for something else. I wore it with the bathing suit top from my prior post since it was a beach & BBQ kind of day. I see styles at target that I see elsewhere so I think they are trying as best as they can to keep up with the current trends.






– – –

What I wore:

Shorts: same design, different outline  similar, same brand

Top: similar or similar Target

Bathing suit top / Bracelet: see previous post

Sandals: Birkenstock or similar Target version

Bag: Hare + Hart, on sale


Target Style / Style on a Budget – Day 2

Today’s look is easy breezy, simple to just throw on and go. I love this as a day look or even if hanging around the beach areas.

I wear this crop top with anything, skinny jeans, skirts, shorts…


These birkenstocks are also my favorite. I wear them with any and every outfit, so comfy and easy to slip on.

 Au Revoir!

Photography by my loving boyfriend

– – –

What I wore:

Crop Top: Target

Skirt: sold out quick at Target 🙁 but here are similar ones there: A | B| C | or same skirt plus size: D

Sandals: Birkenstock

Bag: Prada, similar: Budget: Dolce Girl faux (in black), Moderate: A | B

Bracelet: A | B (in chocolate brown like mine)

Hat: A | B


Love for Gold.

I have an obsession with gold. Gold jewelry and accessories, gold decor and in in this case, gold pants! Daring, I know. Definitely not the norm. My friend who is a stylist had a fashion event and I thought these were perfect to wear for the occasion.


This view is amazing, right?



I tend to be drawn to things that stand out. Funky, fun, fashion. Some people may not see my vision until it is put together. When I see something I immediately style it out in my head or imagine what would pair well with it. Or I just grab funky stuff, bring it to the dressing room and see how it goes. I surprise myself sometimes. I received many compliments on this.





*True gold color of the pants is shown in the previous photos.

viewThom Chris Photography


What I wore:

CROP TOP: American Apparel

PANTS: American Apparel (now on sale!)

CLUTCH: Marni. Not available. Black & gold BCBG option here or gold jewel clutch here  or High end options: Marni here or here  or lavin option here.

GOLD BRACELETS: Gift from a friend from a Tibetan temple. Similar here

LEATHER BRACELET: Vintage. Will update you later in another post on the girl who makes these vintage pieces.

GOLD FLASH TATTOOS:  Similar here or here

LEATHER JACKET: Rick Owens, find Rick Owens options here or similar here or more affordable option here or vegan option here

HEELS: Prada, similar here


On another note, I am going to start posting to my blog again regularly. Yes, I know, I went missing after starting it last year. I was surprised at all the views I got from around the world. It is actually very exciting. It’s hard working full time and managing this but I am passionate about it and have decided to continue. Cheers to many more posts!